- Free Distance Reiki Event - 
Remote Healing & Stress Relief


On Sunday 29th March at 8pm UK GMT I will be holding a 30 minute distance reiki session. If you or if you have a loved one who you feel will benefit and would like to be included all I need is your full  names. You can just pop your information over via email at [email protected] me or on my Facebook post or Instagram post bout this session, which ever is easier for you.  In these very unusual and uncertain times we are all experiencing as not only as a Country here in the UK but Worldwide, a sense of uncertainty, feelings of fright, stress and panic. It may come in waves, it may not.. If you follow social media, some of that information can be very unsettling and really frightening. What we DO need to do right now is lower our stress immediately. Stress hormones are scientifically proven to block the immune system and what we all need right now is a strong and healthy immune system to fight  against illness whatever that may be. Now is the time to pull together, share and spread love and support, raise our united conscious vibrations and lower our stress in these unprecedented times. 


What is Distance Reiki and how can that work?


The simplest way I can try to explain it is like this: Think of your radio. You twiddle a switch and you tune in to a station, it pipes out music which is broadcast on a specific frequency sent from afar. The music doesn’t stop being there when you turn it off, it just means you are no longer tuned in to that particular frequency and are no longer able to receive it. Literally everything has its own frequency, as do we. Everything is energetic vibration or frequency as otherwise known. When we can’t tune into the harmonic frequency of ourselves (which can lead to feelings of dis-ease, stress, meantal and physical illness) we just need to adjust the switches otherwise known as your Chakras. Reiki is Universal life force energy, it’s all around we just need to be able to tune in. That’s where I come in! Reiki treatments are just as effective in person or when received from afar. Of course one-to-one contact is always preferable but distance Reiki can be a wonderful alternative in times of need when that contact is not an option.

More information on reiki here

It would be wonderful to include you in this Reiki healing session if this is something you will benefit from so pelase let me know.


Love and Light

Mo xx

        ABOUT US

Holistic Therapies in Warrington, Cheshire

Mo Regan, owner of Heal and Harmonise holistic therapy offers services in Appleton, Warrington just a few minutes from the centre of Stockton Heath Village. She works primarily from her home based therapy room and also shop based on Sundays close to Warrington town centre. 


Mo's passion is enabling you to reduce stress, find inner peace and balance and most of all learning to love yourself with the tools your mind, body and spirit already have.


Mo is a Reiki Master Teacher and is fully qualified and Insured. Mo currently offers Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Ear Candling, Natural Lift Face Massage (Facial Rejuvenation), Chakra Balancing with Meditation and Tuning Fork and Baby Massage Classes. For your outer beauty needs we offer the Lash Lift and Tint treatment and Gel Manicures. 


All products are Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly with the exception of the Ear Candles that contain Honey.


We would love to hear from you if we can provide you with any information or to book an appointment.


Life is not about being stretched beyond the comfort of your capabilities. It's not about feeling stressed and anxious. It is not feeling drowned in wants and desires. 
 Life is the ability to enjoy the beauty and the authenticity of the current moment. There is so much beauty, peace, abundance, happiness and tolerance in life: it is all over our existence, it's everywhere, so that you even don't need to seek for it. You just have a look inside and let your mind, body and spirit be in harmony with you as a whole. 
Holistic Therapy is not just drifting off on the therapy bed for a while (although that in itself is wonderful), it is the doorway to the balance and to the new level of consciousness and self-awareness you were born to have.
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